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the highest price. >>> he's got 51 stitches and quite a story to tell after a day at a virginia beach. we've got details on a 15-year-old's close encounter with a shark. it's an art form that wowed people all over the globe for thousands of years. we'll tell you how one store is using an age-old tradition to keep its business alive. old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. >>> to a developing story. a california police officer finds himself on the other side of the law tonight. prosecutors are looking into whether he abused his authority when he handcuffed a boy who was involved with his stepdaughter. here's abc's diana avillar. >> reporter: a uniformed police officer, a 15-year-old in handcuffs. but there's much more to this sce
towards areas just south and west of d. c. down toward culpepper, virginia. flash flood watch and multiple advisories up through about just all the zákstate right now including a coastal flood watch for areas along the chesapeake higher than normal tides, 2 to 3 feet above average tomorrow and look off to the south. heavier rain now beginning to develop ceódown in virginia, no carolina. we know it's all headed our way later tonight. this evening though just a few scattered showers damp and breezy out there. as we look to tomorrow though things change big time. we'll break down the > thanks a lot wyatt. authorities in carroll county are trying smsto track down a woman using fake cash at businesses. there's nothing funny about this money. >> reporter: even by feel it's hard to tell these bills are bogus9k4jdt the latest counterfeit bust by westminster police. >> this is probably somebody passing through town that had printed up some money went ÷t about their business depositing these for exchange for actual currency. >> reporter: as far a
beaches and down into virginia. when you get to north carolina pink shaded counties that's an actual hurricane warning for the carolina counties there to the east. so you can just see we are expecting some very rough weather in that direction. a quick check on the beach forecast the first part of the weekend at least, the most unsettled day will be friday. we'll look early to be very, very close to friday afternoon some gusty winds there in ocean city. and then finally we clear it out saturday. but the surf will be up to 4 to 7 feet by thursday. could be 10-foot to 12-foot waves rolling into the beaches on friday night into saturday. so huge waves possible definitely heed your lifeguard warnings if you're headed beach side. >> be sure to stay with abc 2 news for continuing coverage of hurricane earl. tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. a hurricane earl special tracking the path of the storm. special edition of good morning maryland this friday starting at 4:00 a.m. we'll have the latest developments on the storm and its aftermath. you can get the very latest on earl's path on our web site at abc2
virginia to maine hundreds of miles of beaches now face heavy surf from this labor day weekend traveler still on the move. north carolina's governor says it appears easterly caused no major injuries, no major damages. in atlantic beach now, emily smith abc news. >>> now for a look at tonight's top stories down at the ocean things are starting to get back to normal for the neighborhood weekend. hurricane earl brushed by the coast of maryland early this morning causing high winds and crashing surf it's now a category 1 hurricane as it moves off the coast of new england. >>> a sigh of relief along the gulf coast tonight a coast guard cutter patrolling the area around the platform fire is not reporting any signs of leaks. the platform owner says it doesn't know what caused that fire. >>> detectives in baltimore city are investigating a deadly shooting from late last night. officers were called to the 500 block of eastlynne avenue and southwest baltimore. a 30 year-old woman was killed two other victims including a 14-year-old boy are expected to survive. police believe the shooting stemme
story. a man suspected in a series of stabbings in michigan and two other states clawing virginia is charged with murder and attempted murder. five men were killed, nine others injured, in a stabbing spree in the flint area. the suspect is also wanted in two stabbings and a hammer attack in virginia. he has been in custody since last month when he way as arrested at the atlanta airport while trying to fly to israel, his native country. >>> the release of sarah shourd is offering new hope to the families of two other americans still being held prisoner in iran. aaron cater skis has more from the families who have been waiting for than a year to have their loved ones released. >> reporter: with the iranian president in the u.s. the mothers believe its a perfect time to meet with him and request the release of their sons who have been held 13 months after being accused of crossing illegally into iran. >> we're just showing the very, very human face of a mother wanting her son home and we're two mothers basically with two sons in prison, so that we would approach him on. >> reporter:
fighting. >>> a virginia woman is set to die billy that will injection tonight at 9:00. 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to be the first woman executed in that state in nearly a century. lewis was extentsed to death for the 2002 hired killings of her husband and stepson to collect on a $250,000 insurance policy. prosecutors say she promised sex and cash to two men if they carried out the killings. the two gunmen were sentenced to life in prison. >>> now check out these amazing pictures out of eastern oregon. as a rancher documents a fight between a black bear and a cow. the rancher was checking his heard when he saw a small black bear making his way across the ranch. he captured the incident with his camera and the bear ended up going straight for one of the kouz but they weren't going to go down without a fight. >> you know, similar thing i have seen with maybe not a bear, but similar things where kouz will get together and defend each other and themselves and they can get aggressive. >> the bear begins to gain the upper hand but that's something the cow's nearby friends noticed as w
sunnier to our south in virginia. as we look north you can see why. culprit area of low pressure way up here off of the new england coast and wrapping around that thing some lake effect cloud cover actually coming off of lake e and lake ontario. this storm system is going to develop over the next 24 hours kind of sit there and swirl and then begin to make its move as we go into saturday night sunday morning we're hoping it will bring us steady on and off showers as we go into the sunday morning time period. saturday dry, few clouds late in the evening. check it out, sunday morning there's a round of precipitation heaviest may stay north of us but we hope we at least get good rains 4:00 on sunday before it all clears out. another chance for rain would be from the tropics. tropical storm igor looking like it will be a hurricane by sunday. can see this is getting to be a more well developed storm and lag a little more powerful. expected to head due west toward puerto rico. overnight 52. tomorrow a nice day at 78. sunny skies but then the clouds roll in tomorrow night and the chance for rai
winchester, virginia. 95. we've been hotter than this. we've been as high as 100 or so in baltimore on this date. still a very warm day. sunny skies all across meryl. deep creek lake -- maryland. deep creek lake to the beaches. blue skies, fantastic evening of weather on the way here. as we slowly fall through the 80s but that warm south wind is going to mean a slow cool qawf tonight and sunset 7:28. days getting shorter and the fall air returning. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> the latest on the former jetblue flight attendant who slid down an emergency chute after an altercation with a passenger. steven slater will be mentally mental evaluated for a possible plea deal. authorities say a deal is being discussed and he could face community service instead of time in jail. >>> it's an all too familiar scenario. fun at the pool and ends in tragedy. coming up, officials release alarming numbers about drowning and why the danger doesn't appear -- disappear once schools resume. skyscraper dude, or man strikes again. more on the latest feat. currently at oriole park it's 90 degrees.
as clear as you'll ever see it across maryland, delaware, new jersey, pennsylvania, virginia. it was all crystal clear. off to the west. well off to the west. high pressure is bringing sunshine clear night tonight but off to the west we are watching a developing storm system. it really doesn't have much prospect to bring us heavy rain, but we think this will come in at least bring us some showers late tomorrow evening through the overnight and then maybe friday morning. here's some of the timing for it on one of our in-house computer models rain knocking on the door of western maryland tomorrow night. i'm not expecting a heavy deluge of rain it will probably be gone by 8:00, 9:00 friday morning. sunshine settling for a fantastic weekend. in the east that is not looking for a great weekend is bermuda. why? category 4 hurricane igor with 135 miles per hour winds bearing down on the island. right behind it hurricane julia one point a category 4 now category 3, but a couple of major hurricanes churning out in the atlantic. once again the track of this thing has changed just a little bit. i
in virginia, those won't affect us. this next line could affect us if it holds together but it's still tracking more east than southeast. that means most of this will still be a pennsylvania weather story although maryland may get some of this next line th boundary, we paint it as a stationary front meaning it's going to shift but it's not going to come through with a classic cold front blowing through the area. in fact, this warm weather flow is going to continue in the next several days. we clear it out tomorrow and we're going to be clear again as we go into the day friday. that will be even a hotter day. i think we can make low, mid-90s. that will be the second full day of fall and in the feeling like it at you will a. 68 tonight. as we go into the day tomorrow, still a few storms this evening, # #, mostly -- 88, mostly sunny. tomorrow evening 67 and your 7-day forecast, again not looking a like fall at all thursday or friday but early next week looks like mid-70s and much rainier pattern next week. >>> one of the season's biggest stars turned out to be the first celebrity to get t
, virginia, back up through pennsylvania and new jersey not seeing much. zoom out wider and still not seeing much until you get way out into, like, western michigan, chicago up through minneapolis. they are getting another weathermaker. the thing is the track of this particular system brings it down south and east. a glancing blow for maryland and project north again. we think the slightest chance of showers, the best chance is tomorrow night but that will be a slight chance. in the meantime, high pressure controls. sinking air, not a cloud in the sky today or tonight. into the day tomorrow we'll start off sunny with a strong south breeze, highs going to move further out to sea allowing that south wind flow to kick in. that disturbance will come through but in a very minimal way. again tomorrow evening we may see showers, maybe a thunderstorm. our forecast model, we'll stop it at 6:00, that is the disturbance, it will brush maryland and kick north into new jersey and beyond. so a slight chance of showers mainly, especially to the west of us and into thursday, i think just partly cloudy. tr
need to see for maryland, ocean city, virginia, delaware to get a more glancing below. but we'll see a partial landfall in the outer banks of the north carolina area, going to be rough times down there tonight. we'll be tracking the storm throughout the news. back to you rosy. >>> the maryland transportation short says a wind warning will be issued when wind speeds hit 30 to 39 miles per hour on the bay bridge. when a warning is in place, vehicles with roof mounted racks, motorcycles, or any other vehicle subject to high winds are advised to use caution when traveling across the bridge. now if they reach 40 to 49 miles per hour, house trailers and box vehicles and any others determined unsafe by police will not be allowed to cross the bridge. >>> baltimore county managers say they have been gun tracking earl monday and they are about to make preparations for if it hits here. >> closest distance to baltimore for the national weather service will be 270 miles. >> reporter: with its emergency operations center on alert status baltimore county leaders are receiving hourly reports on hurr
humidity around. our satellite and radar trend is clear across maryland. one storm or two in west virginia, that won't reach us. this will affect people watching the game tonight and going up. the people that traveled up there to check it out. meadowlands getting storms, up into northern new jersey where the jets and ravens go at it tonight. 7:00. looks like there will still be storms around towards kickoff at 7:00. again, kickoff forecast, 72 up there at the new jets stadium. it's definitely going to be a dicey time with ping showers and storms. other than that, comfortable temperatures, not much wind to mess with the kickers. weather pattern, cooler to the north. dry and warm here in baltimore. high pressure controls for another day. weak cool front is going to come down the pike but won't do a lot for us. in fact, just a chance of an isolated shower late wednesday into thursday. a bigger disturbance will come in towards thursday into friday and bring a better chance. tropics heating up. category 4, hurricane igor churning towards bermuda. tropical storm julie off the african coast. the
identified as 50-year-old paul war recollection partif of arlington, virginia. after partis received some bad news about his mother, that's what set him off, here is what happened next. this is how it went down. >> mr. davis was receiving some news about the care and the condition of his mother. just outside the doorway to that room when he became emotionally distraught. during the course of the conversation with the doctor mr. davis removed a small semiautomatic handgun from his waist area, waistband area, and fired a single gunshot that struck the doctor in the lower chest/upper abdomen. >> reporter: now police say right after that shooting the from was rushed down to the emergency room, he was immediately taken into surgery, they say his wounds are serious but he should survive. davis, on the other hand, he went back into his mother's room, barricaded himself in. swat cruz, s.w.a.t. teams from baltimore county and city surround add couple floors on the eighth floor of the nelson building out here at hopkins campus, and what they did then was once they were able to get in they found that bo
and dry across maryland, delaware, really all of virginia for that matter. take you out a little wider perspective. couple areas of high pressure, the main one off shore, really there's another bubble out here over the tennessee valley. going to keep the south wind coming up. keep mild dry conditions around here for another 48 hours or so before a cooler north breeze kicks back in, even that front coming in i don't think is going to produce much in the way of rain if anything. few clouds tonight into the day tomorrow, tomorrow looks like a lot of sun line, fantastic day. we'll probably get back into the upper 80s, if you look over here, this is actually our next cool front, this marches in as we go late into the afternoon on wednesday. looks like we're going to have a warm start wednesday but by wednesday night you'll feel that cool north breeze coming in. doesn't look like that is going to trigger any shower activity. one disturbance off puerto rico, and also tropical storm her mean now off the mexican- texas border. looks to come into south texas the next day really, next 24 hours, t
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